What's For Lunch? (W/C 23/07)

With it being the start of the Summer Holidays for us we are trying to cram as much fun and family time into our schedule as possible. Of course at the same time we still want to make sure that we are eating a great variety of food and we'll still be having our special Friday lunch so you'll want to make sure that you look out for that too!

Monday - Picnic Lunch

We are going to be having a picnic with my sisters children (either today or tomorrow) and it will be a huge amount on fun! We are planning on a few Sandwiches, cold cuts, Boiled Eggs and a few treats but not too many as we don't want to raise BB's blood sugars too much! My sister has declared the weather to be good at the start of the week so we'll also be having some fun in the garden running round to burn off some of the sugar.

Tuesday - Cheese Toasties

Warburtons have sent me some great bread which Tops and BB said we should turn into Toasties. I've said Cheese toasties, but BB will more than likely chose to have a Hot Dog sandwich instead. We're keeping hot dogs in the fridge because they are a good snack for BB (as they are so low in sugar and carbs as they are all protein) and I know if he knows we have them he'll be after more of them!

A Selection of Warburtons Products

Wednesday - Ham Sandwich

Now whilst this sounds boring, it won't be! Honestly BB and I have been planning a fun little bento and we thought that it would be fun to do for the first week of the Summer holidays and if the weather stays nice then we think that we'll eat in the park too. I really hope the weather does turn out lovely as we'll all feel that we have all had a great Summer and we can all spend some time outside rather than hiding under umbrellas!

Thursday - Pasta Salad

Top Ender and Big Boy love pasta, so I thought that I would make a quick pasta salad for them to share today. I love making Pasta Salad as I just cook some pasta, toss in some cooked veggies and a bit of protein. I have some chicken pieces which I will add in, but will have to convince Big Boy that they are just big bits of pasta!

Friday - Friday Lunch

As of this September I'll be making special Friday Lunches for both Top Ender and Big Boy! I have a lot to learn about how to pack lunches that will help Big Boy cope with his schedule at School and are fun to eat and look at so I'm going to get in practice with this rather fun, simple lunch which Big Boy and Top Ender will actually make without me!

So that's what's for lunch, this first week of the Summer Holidays. Do you have anything special planned for lunch during the holidays?

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