What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 28/07)

I'm in holiday mode this week, we are away at the start of the week to France for a few days and so our food is all something fun and holiday like. I'm also carb counting because that is the way we are being taught to help manage BB's diabetes through diet. We aren't on the plan officially yet, we are just getting used to it ourselves and having to make notes on how many grams of carbs Big Boy eats (and the rest of us, just so he isn't different) but at our next dietician and consultant appointment (sometime in September) we will more than likely be moved across.

Saturday - Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Daddy hardly ever gets to eat KFC style chicken any more, because buying Gluten Free KFC style Chicken is near impossible. I do however have a few tricks up my sleeves and have worked out how to make it at home! We use Polenta as our flour and a mixture of Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Garlic powder and Chilli powder to give our own KFC style secret recipe flavour.

I'll serve it with baked beans and fries (not Chips because I'm pretending to be American this week!) and calories be damned!

Sunday - Sausage Roast

I've decided to do a Sausage Roast again this week, because the M&S Sausages that we've been buying are so lovely, a brilliant price and gluten free!

Last week I prepared everything and left Daddy in charge of putting the Salmon into the oven and turning the heat under the vegetables on at set times. That way I was able to nip to the Gym, get a quick weight session in, take a nice long hot shower, dress in fresh clothes and get home again ready to serve the family our main meal of the day. We'll do the same this week... hopefully!

Monday to Wednesday - No idea something French!

We're going to be in France for a few days so we'll be popping to the French Supermarkets to buy things that we want to eat, finding some nice little Cafe's to eat in and knowing my family finding a McDonald's for our other meals. Remember the children have no clue that we are going, so if you happen to speak to them before lunch time Monday (which is about when we should be in France) don't say anything to them! They don't even know we are going on Holiday!

Thursday - Fish Fingers, Swirled Mashed Potatoes and Veggies

The trade off for having Fish fingers is mashed potatoes with a swirl of spinach in it and a selection of different veggies. I'm going to serve a small amount of Sweetcorn, Petit Pois and Sesame Carrots and hope that BB will be in a hungry mood and at least eat a mouthful of each vegetable on his plate!

Friday - Lemon Chicken with Rice and Prawn Crackers

Lemon Chicken is one of my favourite foods to get at a Chinese restaurant, but Daddy is always jealous because he can't eat it any more. I read a recipe last week from Disney's Family.com that used cornflour, so I thought I would try it out! I'm planning on telling BB that they are chicken nuggets so that he will eat them and I know he'll eat the rice and prawn crackers too, but just in case I'll have some or the lemon chicken with out the lemon sauce for him.

So that's it for me this week, what are you eating or are you planning on coming round to share something I'm cooking?!

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