Princes Wild Alaskan Salmon Recipe

A couple of weeks back Top Ender, my Mum and I were chatting about our mutual love of Salmon and about how we best loved to eat it. I suggested that battered Salmon would be my favourite as it combines my love of the not so local to me local Fish and Chip shop (we hardly go *sob*) and my favourite fish, Top Ender opted for Salmon Fishcakes (which I make) and my Mum chose oven baked naked Salmon (which is sort of a family joke, but is just Salmon with no sauce). Little did we know that the next day Princes would ask if I would like to create a recipe using their tinned Wild Alaskan Salmon!

I thought long and hard about what to make. I could do a Salmon Pasta Bake, I could do Salmon Fishcakes, I could do a Thai Salmon Curry, I could do a Salmon Salad, I could do... there were hundreds of things I could do but nothing felt quite right. I even ended up swapping my meal plan around so that we ate the Friday meal on the Thursday night because I couldn't decide what to make! Then on the Friday we were at the hospital with Big Boy all day and with the panic of everything I only ate an apple and come the evening I wasn't hungry but I knew I needed to eat because tomorrow was a new day and Big Boy and Top Ender were going to need two functioning parents so I made a Pink Salmon Dip in a homage to a Salmon dip my Mum used to make for parties.

Wild Alaskan Red Salmon Dip

Making the dip is really simple and I think it's tasty too.

Peel and roughly chop one clove of Garlic and add to a food processor. Add two Spring Onions, a handful of plum or cherry Tomatoes (or whatever you have in the fridge will do), a tin of Princes Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon (take out the bones first if you want, but they get chopped finely so you don't have to and I only ever take out the spine), half a tub of cream cheese and then mix! You can add in other herbs if you want too, but I find the garlic is enough to give it a flavour.

The result is a smooth salmon dip which tastes delicious with crudities or on top of a Jacket Potato or even mixed in with some cooked pasta. Everyone in the family loved the dip, as they all got to try some and I think that it might be what I start taking to parties as my contribution to the party spread, just like the dish my Mum used to take.

We were send some cans of Wild Alaskan Salmon by Princes in order to create a family recipe.

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