Midnight Tango - Milton Keynes Theatre

I love my Mum a lot and so when I was telling her about the different shows that I had been offered tickets to go to by Milton Keynes Theatre and she said that she rather fancied going to see Midnight Tango I agreed to go with her, even though it really wasn't my cup of tea.


I know of Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace from BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, my Mum and Nan force me to watch them when I am at their homes and they are watching the show, but unlike my sister I have never really understood dance. I guess it comes from having no rhythm of my own.

MIDNIGHT TANGO - The Company 2 - January 2012 credit Manuel Harlan.jpg

The show was passionate, exciting and I was enthralled for the entire two hours, although for me the stars of the show were the bar keeper and his wife who kept me comically entertained during the entire show but they could also dance and they made it look so easy!

I know that I claim to have no rhythm, but the dancers had me so excited that I'm going to be looking into Tango lessons for me in the next few days. I think that it would be a great work out and something different to my normal Gym routine!

Milton Keynes Theatre gave me two tickets for the show.