What's For Lunch? (W/C 02/07)

Every morning when I get back from the gym I start making Top Enders lunch (I post the pictures on our Facebook page around 8am if you haven't already seen). I have a little routine going where I put in her drink and fruit before making her sandwich and then the last thing I add is a treat snack. Top Ender knows that the treat snack is only to be eaten if she has eaten all the rest of her meal, but she normally doesn't have a problem with this! I do make a lot of biscuits and cakes that I wrap and put in the freezer for pulling out for lunch box snacks, but recently I have been buying some multi-packs of cakes that Tops and BB like, after seeing how quickly they demolished the cakes that McVities sent us over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

The great thing about having the individual packs is that I know that as there are only five in a packet that I can't sneak one, which helps my diet too. If you want to know how I'm going then pop over to Pippa World.

Monday - Home Made Sausage Rolls

Tops Loves (with a capital L!) Sausage rolls and loves making them too. So I'll get her making some Sausage rolls on Sunday morning. That way she'll do all the hard work and I'll get all the credit for a great morning activity and a great packed lunch on the Monday. As School reports are due out this evening and the children will find out who their new teacher is for next year there are going to be a fun note in her lunch.

Tuesday - Stuffed Pittas

We're going for a Tuna and cucumber stuffed pitta on Tuesday, as it's a good way to make sure that we eat a portion of fish and tuna and cucumber are a great combination. I've made some great biscuits for Tops to have this next couple of weeks, so I hope that it will bring some fun to her lunch.

Wednesday - Star Quiche For The 4th July!

It's the last portion of the special Star Quiche, so Tops will be after me to make another one, but I'm trying to think of something just as fun but different. If anyone has any ideas please let me know in the comments. Anyway as it's the 4th July, there are going to be some special American treats, well what I say are American treats!

Thursday - Noodles

Sometimes BB and I have a different lunch to the one that we have planned for Tops. One of the most common lunches that we have is Noodles, which if I haven't done the dishes before Tops comes home and she sees then she gets really jealous. So I thought that today we would surprise her with noodles when she thinks that she is getting something else.

Friday - Top Enders Friday Lunch

It's nearly the end of term, so I'm taking requests from Top Ender for her lunches for the next couple of weeks. She has a few ideas, and some that are great so I'm going to use them next year when I'm doing lunches for Tops and BB (Sob, BB is going to school soon sob), but we thought we'd go for something super pretty today.