Dear So and So - The One Where I Feel Sorry For Myself

Dear Friday The 13th,

You lived up to your reputation this year didn't you?

No wonder you are one of the most hated dates of the year.


Forever going to remember Friday The 13th June 2012


Dear Big Boy,

I'm sorry. I know this isn't my fault, but I feel that it is.




Dear Blood Phobia,

For 33 years you have made me pass out at the sight of blood, but due to recent events I'm over it.

I won't miss you, I hope you don't mind.


Never going to pass out at blood again... hopefully.


Dear Diabetes,

So lets look at the facts shall we? You could have had me, a 33 year old over weight woman or a just turned four year old boy.

You made the wrong choice choosing him because now we're going to kick your butt.

F*** Off

Wishing you weren't here.


Dear Summer Holidays,

Lets get it started, but could you possibly feel more like a year instead of just six weeks?


Mummy of Two School Children This September


Dear Family,

It's Summer!

Lets have picnics, and play and swim and read and enjoy this time together.




Dear Fat,

You are being evicted from this body of mine, so collect up your friends and family and either make your way to my boobs (not too much of you though I don't want Playboy boobs) or find your way to the exit.

Glad To See The Bak Of You

A Slightly Skinnier (and getting skinner each day) Me

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