Top Enders Friday Lunch - Fish

I couldn't remember what I had mentally planned for Top Enders lunch this Friday, so when I came home from my workout at the gym and she came downstairs I gave her a few options of things I could make with what we had on hand. Top Ender decided that a Sausage Roll would be the best option for her lunch, seeing as they were home made and as she loves a sausage roll. Top Ender asked if she could help make her lunch today so this has been a joint effort.

Pulling the sausage roll out I thought that I might be able to make Daddy's rocket idea, but as the roll was as big as the box I was putting it in, I realised that it didn't have space for any additions. The shape reminded me a little of a fish, so pulling out my food pens Top Ender and I quickly drew some scales, fins and an eye. Top Ender was most disappointed that the eye wasn't a cross because the fish was dead! I think she has been watching too much anime.

Sausage Roll Fish Bento

The rest of the lunch was chosen by Top Ender, cucumber and orange to make the water and sky for the fish (I think it is a leaping Salmon), a jaffa cake bar, an apple a milkshake and some cheese twists. The cheese twists are a big favourite snack of Top Enders and they fitted in the gap nicely too.

Whilst this might not be the best lunch I've ever made it was one of the most fun to make because Tops Ender helped me with it.