Flair Paper FX - A Review

Top Ender is quite a crafty little Miss, and Daddy and I will often find small things she has made on our pillows at night. I love that she loves being crafty and when we were offered the Flair Paper FX which can turn old magazines and bits of paper into bags or other accessories I knew she would love it.

Paper FX Box

Today Tops finally got a chance to play with it and after we got home from a morning in town she hunted out some paper before starting to weave them together. Tops was determined to do it on her own and so she sat reading the instructions and working out how to do it all on her own. The instructions are fairly simple step by step stuff and there are further instructions on how to make different projects. Tops was able to follow them easily, so she knew what she was doing and as I wasn't allowed to help she was really proud of what she created.

Top Enders Paper FX Mat

I was really supportive of the work she had created, and said how fab it was but Tops was a little disappointed, so after she had moved onto doing something else I asked if I could have a go and I created this;

I know, it's fab right? No? Oh.

My attempt at the Paper FX Mat

Okay so the mats that Top Ender and I made aren't exactly perfect and they don't quite look like the examples on the box, but it's perfect for using up bits of wrapping paper, drawer liners, magazines and Tops and I spent a lot of time playing with it together, having a giggle and we think it is upcycling at it's best. We know that in a few weeks time we will have created some much better examples and we can't wait to have a go with different types of paper.

The box says it is suitable for girls age 8 and up, and it has an RRP of £19.99. Make sure that you have some paper, some glue (some is provided but we didn't find it the best glue), some scissors and several hours to create something beautiful.

We were sent a Flair Paper FX to review.

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