Asda's Spooktacular Halloween - #Review

I love an excuse to dress up or to be silly for a while, so when Asda asked if I'd like to pop down to my local Asda and take a look at the Halloween items they had in store (and they'd give me a giftcard so I could buy what I liked), they didn't have to ask me twice. I took the children down to the store, and despite managing to hit myself in the face with the car door (it's so sore!) we had a great time looking through the aisles full of Halloween related items.

Creepy Halloween Cupcakes

The children had a good look through the costumes, there wasn't anything that they particularly wanted and despite us having a good laugh over the various clown masks (some were quite scary!) we spent more time looking at the decorations, various food treats and other things.

I decided that I didn't need a brain jelly mould (if I could have made a cake in it then I would have brought it) and the skull mugs and wine glasses were see through, so if they had been white (you know like bones) then I probably would have brought those too. In the end I did buy a brilliant sign (well I think it's fab) that will live on my outside gate for Halloween, but is currently on the door under my stairs! The picture I love most of the sign though is this one of Top Ender walking away from Asda carrying it. I'm not sure why, it just appeals to me.

Top Ender carrying a Zombie Containment Area sign in Asda car park

Big Boy was the main instigator for everything else that ended up in my basket, as you can probably tell looking at this picture.

Halloween Goodies from Asda

You know what though? I actually didn't mind. No, not because I wasn't paying for it, but because it was fun! Big Boy thought everything was hilarious, from chocolate ghosts and spiders to Gingerbread Vampires. The other great thing of course is that I can add these easily to the Halloween lunches and meals I have planned for the next week or so.

The other two things I brought were planned for being added to the School lunches next week.

Halloween Items from Asda

The brew badges will go on various drinks (much easier than the ones I normally make!) and the tombstone cake toppers will spook up the lunches much more easily than I ever could.

Anyhoo, I'm supposed to be cooking dinner. What are you up to this Halloween?

I received a giftcard to buy everything above.