Sandwich Balls

For lunch on Monday this week, I made the Children little Sandwich ball ghosts. A few questions were asked, over what they were and how they were made, so I thought I'd make a little blog post of how I made them.

Halloween Sandwich Ball Bento

So, just in case you missed it this week, here is a picture of Top Ender's friendly little Sandwich Ball Ghost. They are really easy to make, deceptively simple and if you're wanting something quick to make to liven up a lunch, this is the sandwich for you! 

If you've ever made rice balls (I have and I luckily have Teflon hands), then you'll probably have the idea of what to do already but just in case, here is my little vine on what to do.

Yes, it really is that simple. You take a slice of bread, cut off the crusts, add your filling, put it on some cling film, pull the bread into a bowl, use the cling film to tighten the bowl into a ball, firm it up and then decorate before serving.

How would you decorate a sandwich ball?