Evening Meal Plans - W/C 19/10

We had an appointment this last week with Big Boy's Diabetic Care Team and I managed to get a few minutes with the Dietician too. I explained that I had been experimenting with low carb meals for Big Boy and were basically of the understanding now that it really doesn't work and can I have some advice please. Well, as expected the answer is just to eat as normal, eat a balanced diet and a little controversial (IMHO) that BB doesn't need snacks if he eats three meals a day... not sure how that one will go down! Anyway here is this weeks meal plan.

Saturday - Chinese Takeaway

I was joking about having a Chinese Takeaway with Daddy after smacking myself in the face with the car door, somehow this turned into having Chinese tonight. I love having a proper Chinese every once in a while where I get to use chopsticks and laugh at my really bad fortune cookie sayings. Let's just say I'm normally going to have a brilliant Thursday, although I'm never sure why.

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

Last week Daddy made some noise about not enjoying his roast as much as normal and we figured this was because we've eaten it so often (as in every week) so we decided to have Shepherd's Pie this week.

Shepherd's Pie

Monday - Pumpkin Risotto

With pumpkins being on offer almost everywhere, I figure that this week we should make use of them. I found an easy Pumpkin Risotto recipe on the Good Food website and it lets me give my one useful Pumpkin tip; If you're buying a pumpkin for flavour go for the smaller ones. Yes, you might think that the larger ones offer better value BUT the smaller ones have better taste. I can't really remember why, but it was a pumpkin grower that told me!

Tuesday - Fish Pie

The great thing about Daddy not getting home until late is that when he walks in the door he is so hungry that he'll eat anything so I get to make something like Fish Pie which he normally hates and he eats it without complaint! I'm adding in some Prawns so I expect a few complaints from BB.

Wednesday - Tomato Soup and Cheesy Bread

Today is a Top Secret day. Ha, seeing that has piqued your interest right? Well, because of it I need a nice and easy dinner that only takes a few minutes to prepare. So I'm going for a nice warming soup and some home made bread.

Thursday - Princess Pea Pie and Gammon

I've been hankering for Princess Pea Pie for a few weeks now, and I've been trying to persuade the children that they want it too. I don't think that they do, but I'm making it and serving it with Gammon.

Friday - Cheesy Nachos

Last week we had dinner with my MIL for my SIL's birthday. We had some Nachos on the table, and BB and Tops loved them so I thought Nachos with salsa and melty drippy cheese would be a good Friday night dinner. I might serve it with something else, but I won't know what until I've been shopping.