Halloween Themed Lunches

One of the great things about having Half term in the last week of October, is that the lunches that I make for Halloween don't have to be transported to School, so they can have lots of fiddly little details and they can also take longer than my normal five minutes to make them (honestly most of the fun lunches I make only take a few minutes).

I have some fun lunches planned for this week, but I thought that I'd do a quick round up of the designs I've done in the past so that if you're looking to do something fun, I might hopefully inspire you.

Mummy Halloween Lunch

Spooky Eyes Halloween Lunch

Ghost Halloween Lunch

Cute Halloween Lunch

Zombie Halloween Lunch
Witch Halloween Lunch

Worm Halloween Lunch

Ghost Ball Halloween Lunch

As you can see for most of the lunches, all that is needed are Shaped Cookie Cutters (or a steady hand), some stickers (for labels and eyes etc), some food colouring (either pens or find a new paint brush) and a little bit of creativity! If you'd like some tutorials on any of the lunches, just let me know and I'll post step by step instructions for you.