What Did You See Today?

So what did you see today?

I know, it's an odd question right? A few weeks ago was National Eye Health Week (started 16th September) and it's something that I'm paying more attention to now than normal. Why? Well, there a few things in life that if I lost I'd be a different person and my eyesight is one of those things and after the last few weeks that we've had as a family, trust me when I say it's important to pay attention to eye health. Do you remember when Big Boy had a Corneal Abrasion? We were lucky, that it healed and his Eyesight was fine, but thinking back on it it shows me how lucky we all are to have our eyesight.

Big Boy with a Corneal Abrasion

Boots, as well as offering half price eye checks, challenged me to let the children loose with a camera on the School run. I shan't be showing you the video that they took, as it mostly features my right breast as Big Boy was determined that I should feature in the video... however there were a few pictures taken of different things that made me realise that even now Big Boy and Top Ender are taking their eyesight for granted.

Of course, there is no reason at five and nine that they shouldn't. I don't want to worry them with stories of what could happen if you don't take care of your eyes (simple things like eating a varied diet are a great way to care for your eyes), or protect your eyes (like wear sunglasses) or get your eyes checked (Did I mention Boots are offering half price eye checks?!), but at the same time I do want them to realise how lucky they are.

I actually hate what I'm about to say, so if it doesn't make sense it's because I didn't read through it more than once okay?

Big Boy with Type 1 Diabetes is going to have to have his eyesight checked frequently. There are a lot of conditions which people with diabetes can develop, and so whilst you and I can go two years without having our eyes checked, he'll go every year. I already take my Mum to her appointments (she's a Type 1 Diabetic too), so I know the "bad" side and I'd implore you all to make sure you keep your eyes healthy, by eating a healthy balance diet, wearing sunglasses and please go and get them checked!

I got free stuff from Boots to talk about this, but even if I hadn't I would have because it's important you know?