Make It In A Jar - #Review

When I first got this book, as part of the reviewing programme with Parragon Books, I was ready to be inspired. It's the perfect sort of thing to make you think about Christmas and what gifts you can make for friends and family, especially if like me, you like to give loved ones a home made gift. I read it before bed, sent out a quick instagram of the cover and started a conversation on nearly every social media account that I have over different ideas of gifts in a jar.

Make It In A Jar Review

Some of the ideas look great and I'm going to try them out on various family members and friends before giving them as gifts this Christmas. The first one that I had to make was the S'mores Cakes in a jar, because S'mores are something we make on a semi-regular basis in our house.

Now, comes my little admission.

I had intended to make these for the children to have one lunchtime as a treat, but erm, well the thing is I may only have made two little ones for them and a HUGE one for me and Daddy to share and then just eaten the big one myself.

S'mores Cakes in a Jar

I couldn't help it they looked delicious and now I know how to make them I'll make them for the children again in the future and for friends and family and I promise not to eat them all by myself!

I was sent the book to review.