Christmas Pringles - #Review

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don't why not? And also have you seen that Top Ender has an account too?) then you might have seen when I got these fab looking packs of Limited Edition Pringles.

Limited Edition Sweet Pringles

I was very excited by the tubs, and not just because my blog is on them (it's only on my ones if you buy some in the supermarket you'll have to print out a picture of my blog and stick it to your tub if you want the same theme) but because of the flavours. Sweet cinnamon Pringles are perfect for Christmas, or breakfast, or possibly when I'm sitting on the sofa under a blanket trying to warm up after a nice long walk!

The children and I sampled the pringles, one rainy evening. I gave them one of each and let them decide what they thought. Top Ender was rather taken with the Sweet Cinnamon Pringles, declaring them to taste "like that swirly cake you make" (that'll be Cinnamon Buns then) and Big Boy said he "Loved it!".

The Mint Choc didn't go down so well, Top Ender could taste the mint and wasn't a fan (despite loving After Eights) and Big Boy described it as "Not very yummy". I thought it was odd, they were minty and chocolatey and for once I didn't mind the flavour mix (remember I only think chocolate should come in one flavour. Milk).

I think that the Sweet Cinnamon Pringles will probably end up in our trolley over the next few weeks, I just hope that they will be for sale every Winter!

I was sent two cans of Pringles.