Wii Karaoke U - #Review

I like to think that if I had put my mind to it more, that I could have been a singer. Occasionally when I add videos to my youtube channel of me singing Karaoke I get the odd comment that I have a lovely voice and I like to think that this means I'm better than average... but what it probably means is that someone somewhere has too much time on their hands and watches videos of me singing Karaoke! From my love of Karaoke though I knew that when we were given a code to be able to sing Karaoke on the Wii U, that it would be a brilliant Half Term Activity.

Wii Karaoke U - #Review

I wasn't wrong. So far we've sung/played Karaoke on the Wii U every single day of the half term. I predicted that it would be a game that families can giggle over together and there has certainly been plenty of that! With our little Mii's (that we've all created to look like us), it's almost like we're the ones performing on a brilliant little stage instead of standing in our living room in front of the TV.

PippaD's Mii on Wii Karaoke U - #Review

I had read a few reviews of the download, that it was better to have a mic that you can sing into, rather than use the mic on the Wii U game pad (as apparently you have to have the gamepad practically in your mouth) and so I hunted out my USB mic that I use to record my podcasts and plugged that into the Wii U.

Top Ender on Wii Karaoke U - #Review

The Children loved singing along, there was a fairly decent selection of songs that they knew, and I loved the competition part and not just because I WON! The game was a fiddle to download, mainly because I didn't know that once you download it you have to go to the Download Management Icon to install the game (I've never done it before next time it'll be better right?) but it has been really simple to buy sessions on the Wii since, as you can do it from in the download.

Big Boy singing on the Wii Karaoke U - #Review

So I can hear you asking is the game worth it? If you're a fan of Karaoke, actually Yeah I think it is. There are currently 1,500 songs with more to come with future updates, a few different modes, you can add your own Mii's, customisable options (backgrounds and clothes) and with different tickets available for the amount of time you can "rent" the songs there is something to suit most budgets and moods.

We were given a code for the Wii Karaoke U.