An Unexpected Christmas Gift

Daddy and I always plan to make each other a Christmas gift as our gift to each other, then occasionally if budget allows we end up buying a present for each other too. Last year it was our Google Nexus tablets (best gift ever) and this year it was a car.

Yup, a car.

For the last few weeks we've been talking about buying a new car. Our current car, whilst the best car  we've ever owned (apart from the Rover which drank petrol), is getting on a bit and it's starting to cost more and more to have it repaired and we figured that this year would be the year that it would finally cost more to repair than it was worth/cost to buy a new one.

The children and I were out doing a few last minute pre Christmas Eve chores and the clutch on the car went. I don't think I have ever prayed harder than I did when I realised we were a couple of miles from home and the car probably wasn't going to make it. Through prayer, some nifty driving and a lot of luck we made it home, where a quick phone call to Daddy authorised him to go and buy a replacement car as prices in Birmingham seemed to be a little lower than here in Milton Keynes.

Daddy came home with this.

Our new Car, an unexpected Christmas gift

That's the same car as we already have, apart from it's blue and a few years newer. Oh and it doesn't have a sunroof, or a CD player. And it does have a wobbly rear view mirror and a wiggly drivers side wing mirror. Daddy has now told me off for pointing out all the faults, but I'm just saying how it's different from our car!

So that's our unexpected Christmas gift for this year. Did you get anything that you weren't expecting?