Main Meals W/C 28th December

The meal plan for this week is a simple one, mainly because I keep forgetting what day it is and what days Daddy will be home with us. I've also gone for easy meals, as until the children are back to School I like to be spending my time with them not with the cooker!

Saturday - Chicken Nuggets/Curry

The children are going to have home made chicken nuggets and Daddy and I are going to have a curry.

Sunday - Roast Ham

We're having a roast in the evening, using the ham that is leftover from Christmas. I think that the ham will do well cooked in Orange juice and Cranberry sauce.

Monday - Tomato Soup and Cheesy Nachos

I love my soup maker so much, that's all I'm going to say on this matter.

Home Made Tomato Soup

Tuesday - Fish Lasagne

I was thinking during the week about making a fish lasagne, or rather making a fish pie that was a little different from normal and came up with the idea of a fish lasagne. I have no idea how it will taste or if it has ever been done before! Knowing how Daddy isn't keen on fish, I've done it on a day when he won't be here.

Wednesday - Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes on Toast or Beans

I'm a fan of simple meals and there is nothing more simple than either beans or mushrooms on toast. I gently dry fry the mushrooms and tomatoes and serve over a couple of gluten free rolls smothered in butter and it has to be one of my most favourite meals!

Thursday - Sausage pie

It is Top Ender's birthday tomorrow and she wanted to have Sausage Pie for her dinner, but we decided that as Daddy was going to be eating with us tomorrow we should have it tonight.

Friday - Top Ender's Birthday BBQ Chicken

As is tradition in our house when it is your birthday you get to choose what everyone has for dinner. Top Ender decided she'd like the BBQ burgers we've had a few times, although I think she might be expecting several just for herself!

What are you eating this week?