The Andrex Puppy Comes To Visit

The other week when my Mum was buying Toilet paper, she asked Top Ender to chose which type of Andrex paper to have. Top Ender immediately chose the rolls covered in puppies and every time Tops and BB go to my Mums house, they disappear to the bathroom to look at the toilet paper. Do I have strange children, or is this something all Children do when faced with toilet paper covered in puppies?

Then today the postman brought some goodies for the children as an early Christmas gift from Andrex.

The Andrex Puppy Comes To Visit

And just in case you can't read the notes there;

Merry Christmas

Are you an Andrex fan? I must admit like the children I have a fondness for the Andrex puppy but I just wish they were doing a Christmas themed toilet paper!