Meal Plan W/C 14/12

After the crazy that was last week, we have a much more sedate week planned, but we're making sure that we keep the fun going and that we are all still very much in the Christmas Spirit.

The Nativity Scene from the Shopping Centre Christmas Display

Saturday - BBQ Chicken Burgers

We should be attending our Church Christmas Party today, I'm making a Winter Coleslaw and after our party (where Santa will be coming) we're popping to a local Old Folks home, (which has become a ward tradition now) to perform our Nativity (Wish us luck we are so going to need it) and sing some Christmas Carols with the residents.

I love that we do this as a ward/community as it makes us feel so much closer together.

I'm going to do a light evening meal of Chicken Burgers because the children may have eaten strictly more than necessary at the Christmas Party!

Sunday - Casserole

I've gone with a Casserole for today as I don't want to overdo the roast this close to Christmas!

Monday - At Nanny's House

Tops, BB and I are going to my MIL's home for our evening meal tonight.

Tuesday - Holiday Inn Inspired Fun Salmon and Wedges

Holiday Inn have a great Magical Mealtimes experience happening at some of their Hotels, with condiments for younger guests for a limited period of time, it includes ketchup piping bags, roast dinner flavoured straws, chocolate spoons and herb party poppers. Tonight we're going to be using the condiments to have some fun with our Salmon and Wedges.

The condiments are available at Holiday Inn Manchester (Media City), London (Camden Lock), Stratford, Birmingham City Centre and Edinburgh. There are some in Germany too, so if you're heading over this Christmas let me know!

Wednesday - Soup and Toasties

It's Top Ender's School concert tonight, so I'm doing a nice warm and quick dinner of soup and toasties. Hopefully it won't repeat on her in the middle of singing or playing the Violin!

Thursday - Pasta Bake

If I'm really good I could make sure this was ready to eat almost as soon as we got home from school, but seeing as tonight we're going to go and see Santa at School it might not be wise and we might have to wait until we come home before I throw this into the oven!

Friday - Make your own Dinner Day

It's the last day of School for us, until January 6th, so we're celebrating tonight so we're going to either pick something we love that's in the freezer or something that we can go to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for whilst wandering around the store!

We were sent the Holiday Inn Magical Mealtime Condiments to have some fun with.