Clinton's Christmas Decorations #Review

Clinton's asked if they could send me some Christmas goodies which they are stocking in their stores this year to review. Being a complete and utter pushover for Christmas items, I said "Yes please!" And eagerly awaited their arrival. They arrived just before Halloween, and I had plenty of strange looks from visitors to my house, wondering why I had Christmas decorations hanging around the fireplace and plenty of comments on photographs I put on to Facebook and Instagram asking if I had started decorating super early this year!

Normally, I would have taken a few photographs of the items and then gone and put them with the other Christmas Decorations in the loft ready for getting out for the first Sunday of Advent, but Big Boy and Top Ender and I fell in love with them and so we couldn't hide them away!

Big Boy decided that one of the Fair Isle Collection Crochet Ball, (£3) was his and he wanted to put it up in his room. It was a little too big to put it on his tree, so we hung it from his shelf. Top Ender has hung hers from her bed.

Fair Isle Collection Crochet Ball, £6 from Clintons

The Christmas Tree Candle, (was £13 but I can't find it on the website now so it could be less) was mine, that was a given as the children aren't really into Candles and I always seem to have one burning. The problem is that, the candle is so beautiful that I don't want to burn it! I think that a drippy melting Christmas tree will be sad looking... still come Christmas Eve I'll have it lit and I'll post a timelaspe video of it melting into nothing before Santa comes.

Christmas Tree Candle from Clinton's

The last two decorations that we got to review were a singing Reindeer and a singing Snowman (£10 each). They are rather cute and have enthralled all the children (and a fair few adults!) who have come to our house over the last few weeks. Take a look at the video below to see why.

Are you like me and love all things Christmas and mix and match accordingly? Or do you decorate to a theme? Leave a comment below to let me know.

We were sent the Christmas items to review.