Part Two of our Makie Doll #Review

Introducing Stella!

Stella our Makie Doll

This is Stella, our Makie doll who arrived today in the post. Top Ender has been beside herself with excitement, since she designed the doll knowing that she was on her way thanks to some cleverly timed emails from the guys at Makie (it happens for everyone who designs and orders a doll, not just us) and has been on the website almost constantly creating new outfits for Stella.

As you can see Top Ender was thrilled with her creation, and as soon as she had Stella out of the tube, she sat on her bed and was playing various games with her.

Top Ender with her Makie Doll in the delivery tubeTop Ender playing with Stella

Tops loves that she made Stella, that she was the one who got to decide what she looked like and is basically her Mother. I just love that Top Ender is happy.

We were given the doll to review.