Main Meal Plans (W/C 21/12)

I can't believe how quickly this weeks has come round, I read something recently which said that the way we perceive time as we get older means it really does speed up, which must mean it's constantly this time of year for The Doctor or possibly Easter as they are the main times he's on the TV. Anyway this is our meal plan and general plans for this week.

Saturday - Fish and Chips

Daddy hasn't had this for a while, so we're having it tonight.

Sunday - Toad in the Hole

Last year we were supposed to have a Lasagne on the Sunday before Christmas Day. I can't remember if we did or not because I was ill with the Winter vomiting bug aka Novovirus, and Daddy was just about to come down with the same (the children had already had it) and it was one of those surreal few days. Top Ender decided that we should have Toad in the hole.

Monday - Sleepy Joe Pizza Bread

The Children mishead me say sloppy Joe Pizza Bread and I decided that from now on Sloppy Joes are called Sleepy Joe. Anyway whatever it's called we're having it for dinner tonight! As Daddy is away in Birmingham I get to have double as he'll have no need for it!

Tuesday/Christmas Eve - Chinese/McDonalds

As I mentioned last year, it is tradition on Christmas Eve that we have a Chinese meal. This year we're making our own version for Daddy and I (unless I magically find a wad of notes having fallen down the back of the sofa after getting back from the Christingle service at our local COE church) and the children are having a McDonalds (their choice!).

Wednesday/Christmas Day - Christmas Dinner

Like most of the UK, today I'll be sitting down to my largest meal of the year, complete with a Prawn and Mackerel starter, a Roast Turkey with all the trimmings (and then some) and pudding. Eventually we'll collapse on the sofa and make a start on the leftovers, unless I've already thrown them all into my soup maker of which you have a chance to WIN ONE! Yup, come back here on Boxings Day to enter.

Thursday/Boxing Day - Ham and Leftovers. Or Soup

If I did throw all the leftover vegetables into the soup maker last night then today we'll be eating soup for tea, with some lovely bread. If I managed to leave some in the fridge then we'll eat them with Ham, because it is TRADITION and this time of year is all about tradition.

Friday - Leftovers again or Soup

Depending on what we've eaten, there should still be leftovers for us to eat, as there will only be the three of us as Daddy is back at work today. We don't mind though, because seriously who doesn't love a good Christmas meal?!