John Lewis Christmas Decorations #Review

Every year I buy a couple of new decorations for one of my Christmas Trees (you know I have more than one right?) as I'm planning on being able to give Big Boy and Top Ender a few decorations when they move out that mean something to them and show a history of their lives too. John Lewis asked if they could send me a few decorations from their Vintage Market Bauble range and seeing the glass birds I had to say yes!

John Lewis Vintage Market Bauble range

The decorations arrived after School and Big Boy helped me to unpack them, examine them to see which ones we loved the most and then Big Boy sorted them into groups of similar styles before letting me put them on the tree.

John Lewis Vintage Market Pink Reflector Glass Bauble

A lot of the decorations reminded me of the ones that my Gran had when I was young, and being glass they seemed as if they really could be the ones that she had. Later when I was playing around with my phone I discovered I could make a clever little video of some photographs I'd taken, so this is my video of my baubles, I hope you like it!

The decorations are beautiful, they're well made and the range has made me terribly nostalgic. I'm not sure if it's the soft colours of the set, or that they are hand painted glass or that they are hung using ribbon but I think that these are my favourite tree decorations this year.

The decorations were sent to me to review.