A Middle Of The Night Blood Test Scare

Normally when Daddy and I do the middle of the night Blood tests on Big Boy he is fast asleep. We've got it down to such a fine art now, that BB doesn't wake up.

He didn't wake up the time blood went EVERYWHERE and his bedroom looked like it was a scene from a Horror Film. Serioulsy I was screaming at him to keep his hand still (we've worked out that he was bleeding well that night and the blood mixed with sweat which is how he hit and covered the ceiling, his bed and me) and still he slept.

He didn't wake up when Daddy accidentally left the blood test monitor on BB's bed and when he turned over the monitor went down the back of his bed and I had to rummage around under his mid sleeper (where I found a mobile phone, two pairs of smelly socks and a mouldy plate) trying to find the blasted device.

I guess however I was lucky.

The Face of An Angel... Who Could Sleep Through Armageddon.

Daddy went into BB's room to do the 2am blood test. We try to be quiet, because you know everyone is trying to sleep and we've found we fall back asleep much quicker ourselves if we trick ourselves into believing all we are doing is sleep walking to check on the Children.

As Daddy clicked the needle over BB's finger, BB suddenly sat up and yelled BOO into Daddy's face.

Apparently, Daddy had to react very quickly to stop himself from punching BB in the face because BB had well and truly frightened him.

What did you do that for?! Asked a panicked Daddy
Well, you woke me up and I thought it would be funny! Said an amused Big Boy

I have to admit, I agree with BB. It was rather funny.