What We Are Eating This Week W/C 12th December

I am getting really excited for Christmas!

Later today we have our Nativity at a local Old Folks home. It is one of my Christmas highlights as the Old Folk love seeing the Children and they love watching the Nativity and then afterwards we sing different Christmas songs and visit with the residents for a while.

A Christmas Nativity

It's going to be great!

Saturday - Munch and Mingle Lasagne

This year, after we have been to the Old Folks Home, we are going to perform again at Church for all our Friends and members of the ward and then we're going to have a party and a munch and mingle and it's been decided that several sisters will bring Lasagne for us all to share.

I'm making a Lasagne or two. Gluten free of course as hopefully Daddy will be joining us and there are a couple of other members in the ward who eat gluten free too.

Sunday - Sticky Sausages with Apple and Honey.

Daddy wanted us to have Sausages and Apple today, but I really wasn't feeling it. Then I decided that we'd have Steak because who doesn't like Steak?

Well, other than BB that is.

So then, I thought it was unfair to have Daddy make two meals just to keep the Children happy (and we like keeping the Children happy). So I had to think again.

Sausages and Apple it is.

Meatless Monday - Beans on Toast

I think I'm going to be in withdrawal this Monday because for the last couple of Monday's I've had Daddy at home with me and today he is at work!

Oh well, with him out of the way that means all the more beans on toast for me and the Children.

Tuesday - Pancakes and Bacon

Talking with BB the other day, he let me know that he isn't all that into certain meals. Well, he could have fooled me because I'm pretty sure that I've seen him wolf down the meals he claims he isn't all that into.

Tonight we're having Breakfast for our evening meal because who doesn't love Pancakes and Bacon?!

Wednesday - M&S Dine at home

We're off to see Top Ender in her Christmas Concert tonight. I'm looking forward to it, because it is her first Christmas Concert at her new School. I'm not sure how BB is going to handle it! In the past we've used bribery, and even the tagging technique where one year I go to the concert and the following year Daddy attends.

I'm pretty sure that BB is old enough now however to be going and enjoying the music so we're taking him and my Mum.

After we've had an evening meal of course.

I'm thinking that we'll probably pick something up out of M&S and cook it at home.

Thursday - Omelette

Our clubs have finished for the year, well Beavers has and so we're not needing to rush around eating super early tonight.

We're going to have a Carb free night as I need to sort out BB's rise between 6am and 8am and I really fancy Omelettes!

Friday - Sandwiches


Today was the last day of term and I am so pleased about it that tonight we're going to have a super easy meal of Sandwiches to celebrate.

Now I know Sandwiches doesn't sound very exciting, but the Children will get to make whatever they want (no doubt for Top Ender that will mean Baked Bean Toasties) without too much fuss from me.

I'm pretty certain I want a Spaghetti Sandwich, I'm almost positive that BB will want a PB and J and Daddy? Well the Steak and Onion ones we had the night we went to Panto were so lush I'm sure he'd like to eat that again!

We'll be off on a Christmas Light Hunt tonight too, so there will be some treats later on in the evening which is why we have a "small" meal.

So, what are you eating this week and what would you have in your Sandwich?