A Perfect Family Christmas

I tried writing a post about Christmas Day towards the end of the day, but for some reason I couldn't find the right words and each blog post I started, I quickly deleted.

I wanted to record, that the unspoken rule between the five houses or so on our Street that put up outdoor Christmas Lights about leaving them on all night so they were on when we woke on Christmas Morning was still followed.

I wanted to record that the Children had gone to sleep late on Christmas Eve, but it didn't matter because everything was wrapped, under the tree or in Stockings ready for the next morning and Daddy was looking forward to a Christmas morning lay in.

I wanted to record that the Children, as expected thanks to the late night woke up late. That I had woken at 5am as usual, getting up at Six to wander downstairs to use the bathroom and turn on the lights on the Christmas Tree and have a moment of prayer before the day started.

I wanted to record that Top Ender was the first Child awake, and climbed on to our bed to chat to Daddy and I before Big Boy woke up and joined us.

I wanted to record that we opened our Stockings from Santa (I'd reminded the Children just the day before "Those who don't believe, don't receive!") and all loved the gifts that I'd spent most of the year picking up and hiding in various spots in my bedroom.

Top Ender and Big Boy opening their gifts. They got Safe Money Boxes from Smiggle.

I wanted to record that we were half following my childhood tradition of not opening all our gifts first thing in the morning and whilst Daddy made breakfast the Children got dressed.

I wanted to record that Daddy made Giant Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes, which we topped with Squirty Cream and Sprinkles and we ate dressed in our Christmas finery.

I wanted to record that we exchanged our gifts to each other first this year, instead of last. That this year I felt that maybe Daddy hadn't outdone me with his Christmas gift as I felt that both our gifts were equal in thought and execution.

A light box and until Daddy decides what he would like it to say I Rick Rolled him.What Are You Looking At? No honestly, that is what it says.

And I rickrolled him.

I wanted to record the grins the Children had on their faces when they opened the gifts the other had picked for them. There is no relationship quite like that of a loving Brother and Sister.

Top Ender opening gifts from her Brother ( A Fashion Designer and some paint your own Japanese Dolls)Big Boy opening his gift from his Sister (A HUGE Marble run set to compliment his existing set)

I wanted to record that we visited with Daddy's father and his wife (as we do every Christmas Day) and ate almost all of the amazing goodies that my Step Mother in law had baked. She even said we could kidnap her to keep in a basement making great goodies for us as long as there was WiFi.

I wanted to record the fun we had sitting round the tree opening the rest of our gifts together (apart from the ones from my Mum as we decided to leave those until after our Christmas Dinner and open them with her) and sharing in the delight of the recipients.

I wanted to record that Daddy burnt the stuffing and that it was okay, because it sort of caramelized and when you covered it in gravy you didn't really notice.

A shot of the Christmas Table. All that had made it to the table at this point was the Shloer, Christmas Ikea Glasses, Crackers and the Turkey... It was also at this point we realised the Stuffing was "crispy"

I wanted to record that after my Mum went home, the Children and I sat on the Sofa watching Doctor Who, letting their games install and update and then they disappeared to play their games whilst Daddy played with his new Drone.

I wanted to record that this was the best Christmas I can remember for a long time. It was Spiritual, it was full of Love and Kindness, it was a time for us to all be together and to enjoy each others company.

This Christmas was a perfect Family Christmas.