What We Are Eating This Week W/C 19th December

I'm actually writing this post in October.

This is how I embarrass my Mum. I wear Christmas Glasses in October. And November. And December.

Yes, I know it seems an awfully long time ago to have written up a meal plan, and in truth it is quite long if you didn't know how we celebrate Christmas in our house. Being Christians, Christmas DAy is such a joyous event for us. It is one of our favourite events of the year (Easter is also really important and therefore special to us) and so we don't just celebrate it for one day, but everyday from Christmas Eve, right up until Top Ender's Birthday on the 3rd of January!

Saturday - Baked Sloppy Joes

We love Sloppy Joes, the way that Daddy and I make them is an adaptation of a BBC recipe and there is never enough, so I'm going to have to remind Daddy to either make double or to have something really lush to go with it... Oooh Chunky Chips!

Sunday - Baked Salmon and New Potatoes

Daddy and I love when we have Baked Salmon, actually we all love when we have Baked Salmon. We're going to have tonight's with New Potatoes and Green Beans and Salad. Why the Salad? Because hopefully I'll fill up on the Salad and not the New Potatoes!

Meatless Monday - Special Beans on Toast

Several weeks back, the Children requested that I do something special for their evening meal. They wanted something simple, Beans on Toast, but requested I make it special. I ended up making Bullseye Egg with Beans on top and it was apparently the nicest meal they've ever had.

So tonight I'm going to do something even more special for them. I think what I'll do is make grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Baked Beans inside too! This is one of Top Ender's favourite meals so she's going to be really happy.

Tuesday - Microwave Tomato Risotto

Our Microwave Risotto is a favourite now, so we're having it again tonight. Just nobody point out to the Children that after tomorrow they will have eaten Vegetarian meals for three nights in a row.

Wednesday - Cheesy Mashed Potato and Pea Cakes

I love making "cakes" out of mashed potato, it's easy and tasty and with the added benefit of adding Cheese and Peas to these cakes/patties/lightly fried piles of mash these taste AMAZEBALLS!

Top Ender and Big Boy are both AMAZEBALLS!

I'm going to poach an egg and put it on top of the Cakes too. This meal is over eight weeks away and already I'm drooling.

Thursday aka Christmas Eve - Chinese

Every Christmas Eve we have a Chinese Take Away for our evening meal, it's a tradition that I love and despite all my recent weight loss we're sticking to tradition!

Okay, so seeing as this is actually October, it might be that we end up making a Chinese Banquet at home instead of buying a Take Away, but we'll be eating Chinese dishes on Christmas Eve no matter what!

Friday aka Christmas Day - CHRISTMAS DINNER!

The best meal of the year for the best day of the year.

The starter is of course going to be a choice of a Prawn Cocktail, Pate and Melon.

The main with be Turkey, with all the trimmings (and by all I mean ALL the trimmings. At the last count there were two different types of potato, peas, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, yorkshire puddings, little sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and something else that I've forgotten. It'll come to me. It's coming. SPROUTS! Sprouts with Bacon.

We probably won't do pudding, because we're normally so full from the meal, that we have pudding as our evening meal later. However with all the food we'll have available to us we'll just have leftovers probably Bubble and Squeak style!

So that's what we're eating. What are you eating?