How To Freak Out Your Husband At The Gym

Daddy and I try to go to the gym together at least once a week. It started off with me trying to show Daddy how to use various weight machines, but it soon became just time for us to just exercise together.

The family that exercises together loses weight together.

During one of our recent trips to the gym together, Daddy and I were talking about the programme I had set for myself on the bike. I like to use the preset Fatburn programmes, I don't get to pick the intensity and as long as I keep up my RPM then I'm happy.

It had been a hard workout, one which nearly had me falling down dead after I climbed down off the bike. As Daddy and I talked and walked back downstairs to the changing rooms he commented that despite being over weight I was actually quite fit.

A Post Gym Selfie. Yes, I'm bright red. So what?!

That's the problem really.

When people see me at the gym, they see me working out hard. They see me going longer and harder than some of the people who look fit. They see me lifting weights heavier than they would expect someone as big as me to lift.

I'm not fit, I'm just a determined little so and so.

I won't give in. Of all people I would have thought that Daddy knew this about me!

We started driving home, the conversation was as random as it always is when I'm involved and we were almost halfway home when I knew what was about to happen.

I was about to cry.

This actually happens quite a lot to me after a workout, especially a workout where I have pushed myself hard.

Apparently, it's quite common.

According to the Personal Trainers and Instructors that I have spoken with, exercise can be so cathartic that all the stress and worries just drain from your body. For some, like me it happens after the session. For others it happens when they stretch in a certain way, or when they exercise for a certain amount of time.

It is just stress release. 

It however is something my husband has never experienced before.

I warned him that I was about to cry.

It isn't anything you have done or said. It's just because I've done a hard workout okay?

And then I burst into tears.

My husband looked at me crying and didn't know what to do. He tried to make me laugh, but all I wanted to do was cry and let the release happen. This of course made me feel terrible. Here was my husband not understanding why I was crying, not understanding that it was a good thing.

I managed to get out that it was a good thing.

I managed to let him know that I'd be okay in a minute, and sure enough I was. A few minutes passed and I felt fantastic.

So now you know how to freak your husband out at the gym.

Get to the point where you release all the negativity and crud in your life and just sob it out.

You'll feel amazing for it!