What We Are Eating This Week W/C 5th December

Can you keep a secret? Last week Daddy, the Children and I may have accidentally eaten takeaways on two or three nights.


Despite having meal plans, with things going the way they did we really weren't up to cooking and I may have forgotten a couple of times to defrost some key ingredients.

We are eating cheap this week, and using the food we may still have in the Freezer!

The Nativity Scene from the Shopping Centre

Saturday - Chicken Wings

We didn't actually get to eat our evening meal last night, nobody was that hungry so we made do with Sandwiches!

This of course means I'm doing the Chicken Wings tonight!

Sunday - Steak Pie with Mashed Potato and Green Beans

I'm going to prep this before I go out to Church, and all Daddy will have to do is put it in the Oven before I come home from Church so that it has time to cook and we aren't eating at stupid O'clock in the evening.

I'll probably just use pastry to make the top of the pie and not do sides because as much as I love my husband I don't love eating Gluten Free Pastry.

Meatless Monday - Pizza

Daddy is home today, so I'm going to make use of him and get him to make us up some Pizza bases. Luckily he loves doing it, and the Children love eating it!

Tuesday - Hot Sandwiches

I'm not sure what is going to be in the Sandwiches just yet, but probably something warm! We're off to the Theatre tonight to see the local Panto so we don't want something too filling as knowing my Children they will get the bar staff to give them plastic pint glasses again to fill with mini Sausage Rolls!

Wednesday - Ikea Meal

I'm off to see a Nutritionist or something today. BB still has a slightly higher than normal Blood Cholesterol level and so they are all freaking out about this.

Personally I'm annoyed.

Why? Well, has your child ever had a blood cholesterol test? I'm betting probably not. Now, unless more research is done how can they tell me that the level BB is at isn't normal for children his age?

Anyway, because I'll be grumpy and because the Children and I are going to Ikea tonight, we'll eat there.

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

We need to be out again tonight, so some I thought we'd eat Jacket Potatoes to help everyone keep going until they can get to bed.

Friday - Turkey Burgers

We will eat these even if it kills my children to do so!

They claim that Turkey Burgers will taste horrid. I think they don't even know what they are talking about.

So that is what we are eating this week. What are you eating?