The Den

Last year Toshiba lent me a TV over the Christmas period and it confirmed what I already knew.

I like TV's.

No, seriously, it just confirmed that we needed a large TV in our den to go with the games consoles so that I could free up the "real" TV in the Living Room AND so that when I was sitting in the den I didn't have to increase the zoom on the Screen to 250% just so I could see what I was doing!

Slowly things have been moving along. 

We went through all the toys and gave away, sold and donated toys that the Children were just too old for. We went through our CD's and DVD's and PC games (on the plus side I found my Teachers DVD Boxset and had a very enjoyable week watching them and I've got my Belle and Sebastian album out again!) and again sold ones that we no longer wanted/needed or even knew we had.

The plan was that as Daddy and I couldn't think of anything that we wanted for Christmas we would buy a unit for the Den, a lighting system (LED light strips) and of course a TV. Seeing as most of the furniture in our house comes from Ikea, we knew we'd find a unit that we wanted there, and of course the LED Light strips too.

My part of the research was really easy!

Daddy was in charge of finding a TV (we need three HDMI ports because of the consoles and a PC port) and he planned to wait until Black Friday to buy one. Not because he was going to go out and rugby tackle someone for a slightly reduced TV, but because we didn't want to have to walk round a TV sized wrapped gift for longer than we had to!

And then we went to a Tesco's on Black Friday as we needed a loaf of bread.

We purposely went to a Tesco store that had said it wasn't participating in a Black Friday event. We didn't want to get beaten up over a loaf of bread.

And there, in the front of the store was the perfect TV for us. It was the right size. It had the right number of ports. It was the right price. Looking up reviews online we couldn't see a fault.

So we got it.

And then we decided we'd keep it as our main TV and move our older TV to the den and we might have decided to put it all together ahead of Christmas.

Now the den looks great.

The new Game Den

What shall we do next?!