New Year Traditions

For the last few years on New Year's Eve, Daddy has put a new set of bed linen on our bed.

It's a tradition that I have grown to LOVE because it's something that happened spontaneously the first time and Daddy takes so much care into ensuring that the duvet set he purchases for us each New Year is something different, something that we will both enjoy sleeping under and of course something that will help us start the New Year off right!

That's right, with clean bed sheets.

As I said the first year it started off as a surprise, Daddy had picked some bed linen up in a shop and had secretly washed it and put it on the bed whilst I'd been busy downstairs or something. Eventually, I had gone upstairs to get in my PJ's to see in the New Year and found new bed linen adorning our bed.

I did what any normal person would do.

I took a picture and shared it on Instagram.

Straight away, Daddy decided that my reaction had been so brilliant, that he was going to make this a Tradition.

And sure enough the following New Year's eve, I was banned from the Kitchen whilst he washed the new bedlinen and then he vanished upstairs to make the bed.

Again, eventually I was allowed upstairs and so when I was ready to get into my nightwear, I found some new bedlinen.

Last year Daddy had been teasing me for about a month mentioning the bedlinen he had picked out for us and yet it came down to a last minute washing and drying of the bedlinen and again a ban of me popping into the kitchen whilst it was washing and drying and then from the bedroom whilst he made the bed up.

Eventually I gave in and went upstairs and found the new bedlinen.

And so as we near New Year's Eve again, I'm wondering what this years linen will look like...

Find out with me when I instagram a photo of it before Midnight tonight!