A Slightly Disgusting Funny Story

In the Summer, one of my friends moved abroad and we've been keeping in touch by WhatsApp, Facebook and email, because that's what you do these days. I was sending an email of something funny that had happened at Church, that I thought she'd appreciate, when I realised you all might appreciate it too; although you might find it disgusting, so be warned!

So our one and only Sunbeam had been sitting with me during sharing time. We only had a few children and so had combined junior and senior classes and this meant that our Sunbeam was the youngest by a couple of years and I was helping him to understand what we were talking about this particular Sunday.

Top Ender and Flyfour outside a Chapel
It was really lovely and he and I were having a good Spiritual chat and I was managing to distract him from his wanting to run around the room, whilst the other children were sitting and listening to what the teacher and the group of children were discussing, knowing that singing time was coming up and we were going to be doing action songs which would get his wriggles out.

When we moved on to singing time, I moved from the floor at the back of the room where the sunbeam and I had been sitting, to a chair at the front of the room as I was leading singing time. The Sunbeam was helping by holding up the words for everyone to see, along with a couple of other children and when he'd had enough of helping and singing he climbed on to my lap (facing me) and sat listening and occasionally laughing at me singing along with the children, especially when I kept forgetting the words.

At one point the sunbeam leaned into me and kissed my forehead, which made him giggle.

I know now, that he was giggling because he had an idea and I now know, never to trust a giggling Sunbeam.

A minute later and he leant in to me and blew his nose down my face.


He then burst into giggles and I calmly wiped my face with the arm of my cardigan whilst the children who noticed what the Sunbeam had managed to do, tried hard not to gag or collapse into fits of laughter!

So there you go, a slightly disgusting funny story. Please share your own slightly disgusting funny stories with me, so I don't feel quite so alone.