No Gas and a Power Cut

Saturday was one of those busy family days.

I'd been to Northampton in the morning to watch the Women's Session of General Conference with other women and girls from our Stake and had only had one minor heart attack moment when the rubber strip on my windscreen started to detach as I was driving along the M1! The conference was great and after a drive back home (more sedately along the A5) and a trip to not one, not two but three local hardware stores and a quick stop at the Supermarket with Dan Jon and Flyfour to grab some lunch (Top Ender was at the Brownies and Rainbows Birthday Sleepover and Party) meant that we didn't have long at home before Dan Jon and I, had to head out to a Faith In God event at a local Rock Climbing Centre.

Dan Jon Rock Indoor Climbing at Big Rock

The plan for the rest of the afternoon was that Flyfour would pick Top Ender up and then together they'd make our evening meal of Cheese Burgers, so they would be ready for when Dan Jon and I arrived home and just in time for us to watch Bake Off together, with the trifles we'd specifically purchased as it was Trifle week. Only, I got a text message whilst on my way home, that there was a problem with the gas supply to the oven and the burgers weren't being cooked.

After a few unsuccessful attempts at trying to work out what the issue was, we decided to head off to get some food. We returned and gave the oven situation one more google and then together managed to work out what the issue was and we were able to properly align the tap and get the oven working again. We were so proud of ourselves!

Still, at this point, we had Sandwiches to eat and so we squished together on the sofa to watch Bake Off. We had just got to the final bake and were making out predictions on who we thought was going to leave and who was going to receive Star Baker when we had a powercut.

We knew it wasn't just us, the street lights were off too and so I lit a few candles and we all carried on with our conversations and grabbed our mobiles to play some games on.

Candles on the Fireplace in a Power Cut

We sat for a while in the candlelight and then the power came back on. It was on for a few moments before the power went out again and then again! When the power came back on after the third outage we thought we should all hurry to bed in case it went out again. Luckily it didn't, but we were prepared just in case.

It was one of those days that will be fondly remembered in future tales about events our family has lived through and will be retold, becoming slightly more exaggerated each time it gets retold.

I can't wait to find out how this story will be respun!