What We Are Eating W/C 28th October 2017

This week is the start of our change over of meals again. I'm pretty sure I mentioned it already, the children are going to be eating Hot School Meals and then eating lighter hot meals in the evening. Flyfour and I will also be moving over to lighter meals in the evening, but as we're also not changing our lunchtime meals we're going to have a supper together too, something like cheese and crackers or a plate of antipasto.

With that in mind, here is what we have planned this week!

Halloween Biscuits - Cute and Tasty!

Saturday - Burgers

Everyone has their own favourite, so we're going with Dan Jon's favourite tonight and having Cheese Burgers. I am insisting on the inclusion of a Salad with the burgers and I'm going to get some of the Hash Brown Fries from Iceland's because they are so lush.

Sunday - Chicken Kiev

Flyfour and I were talking about what we wanted to have for our Sunday meal and decided that we'd have Chicken Kiev's as we hadn't had them for a while! We decided that we'd also add our usual Roast side dishes (yes that includes the Yorkshire Puddings) as if we didn't there might be a mini-riot from the children!

Monday - Beans on Toast

Top Ender is back to School today, but Dan Jon isn't. We're planning on doing something a bit fun for Dan Jon today and so we're eating out and hopefully, all of us will be happy and fed by the time Top Ender gets home from School.

Cheesy baked Beans on Toast with Chives

Top Ender is in charge of making a meal for Dan Jon and herself this evening as I have a Governors meeting. Flyfour and I will eat together when he gets in and have the same... we just have to hope that Tops doesn't use up all the beans!

HALLOWEEN aka Tuesday - Chilli

It's our Trunk or Treat tonight and I'm making a Vegan Chilli to share with the ward and several others are making several other dishes, meat Chilli's, Mexican Soup, platters etc. With the sweets on top of this, I think that we'll all be rather happy and full, but just in case I'm going to have ingredients for Cheese Toasties ready for when we get home.

Wednesday - Fish Cake Burgers

I'm not sure what fish I'll make the fish cakes out of. I know it'll either Salmon or Cod, but whatever it is we'll happily munch away with the addition of some lettuce, slices of tomato and possibly some tartare sauce.

Oh and Brioche buns!

Thursday - Veggie Pasta

I'll make a big bowl of pasta in the morning and then everyone can serve themselves when they are home... mainly because Top Ender is always out these days doing one thing or another!

Friday - Sausage Baguettes

The children and I thought we could wait until Flyfour gets home this evening and eat together so we've decided to make Sausage Baguettes for us all to eat together. The only difference will be that Flyfour will have a gluten-free baguette and the rest of us won't!

So that's what we are eating this week, how about you?