Last Weekend

Last weekend was one of my favourite weekends of the year. No, it wasn't because my Kitchen was finally fitted, but because it was General Conference weekend and in our home General Conference weekend generally means I get to spend hours watching TV and when I'm not concentrating on the talks that are being given, I spend time with my family.

The new tradition that Top Ender and I have is that on Saturday morning we travel to the Northampton Stake Building to watch the Women's Session of the General Conference with other women from our Stake. Plus we get to eat Breakfast and Tops and I like Breakfast!

Top Ender, however, had volunteered to help out at a Rainbows and Guides camp and so I made my way to the Stake Centre on Saturday morning on my own.

Top Ender in her Guides Hoodie

When I was there I met up with friends not just from my ward, but from other wards and a new friend who I might be able to talk about in a few weeks here, but suffice to say she is amazingly talented, a brilliant mother and wife and on top of that doesn't seem to be too put off by my particular brand of crazy!

Anyway, after the conference session, I headed home and well I talked a bit about what happened in the blog post about No Gas and a Power Cut, but basically, it involved a trip to three different hardware stores and a quick stop at a Supermarket as we realised we had no food!

Later in the afternoon, Dan Jon was on a Faith In God trip and as Primary President, I went along too as extra Grown Up support and because it's probably helpful to be there with Dan Jon being a Diabetic!

Dan Jon climbing a Wall at Big Rock

The trip to Big Rock was amazing fun and I got to hang out with another friend (he and I should not be allowed to hang out together unsupervised, we'd get in far too much trouble and probably end up the public face of some corporation running some country hopefully somewhere nice and warm!) and the Faith In God leader, who I swear is the coolest person ever. Not only does she have a motorbike, speak two languages, have degrees in two languages and taught me how to use a blowpipe (another story, another time!) but she is seriously so kind that she puts me to shame!

Anyway, back to the weekend.

After a trip out on Saturday evening to find more food and us fixing the oven (I am still so proud of that!) and an early night thanks to the power cuts, you would have expected us all to wake up early on Sunday.

We didn't.

However, between sessions of Conference, I really needed to get everything back into the Kitchen, as with the tiler not coming until possibly the end of the week, I wasn't prepared to live without the Kitchen again.

My Stocked Larder

Flyfour and I worked steadily and quickly had a home for everything that we were keeping. I shan't tell you how many bags of rubbish we threw away, but let's just say it was more than nine and possibly less than eleven!

I almost can't believe we had that much junk.

I spent the rest of Sunday watching the sessions of Conference and spending time with the family and being incredibly content with my lot. I know that this is a little bit of gloating, but honestly, I am just so lucky to have my family and the life I do.

I hope that where ever you found yourself last weekend, that you were surrounded by those you love.