What We Are Eating This Week W/C 21st October

With this week being Half Term and the children going back to School Meals when they go back to School, we're having a bit of a change around and having a main meal at lunchtime and out evening meal will be something lighter and if I'm honest a bit boring after the first week... we're going down the plain and simple route of having Toasted Sandwiches, Soup and the occasional Pasta dish. I guess I'm going to have to start working out what I want to eat at lunch time when they have gone back to School!

Anyway, here is this week's plan.

My shiny new cooker is still shiny!

Saturday - Chicken Burgers

We were supposed to be having Chicken Burgers last night, but with one thing and another we didn't! So we're having them.

Sunday - Munch and Mingle

It is our Ward Conference today, so the children and I will be eating at Church. As I love Flyfour lots and lots, I'll get him his favourite curry ready meal as a treat.

Monday - Fish Fingers, Peas and Wedges

Top Ender has a plan for today. She wants us to wake her up as normal at 6:45 am and then she'll do her usual routine of disappearing into the bathroom, before vanishing back into her bedroom; where she plans on staying in bed for as long as possible!

I have to say I rather like the idea of staying in bed all day too, so it's a simple dish Fish Fingers, Peas and Wedges for our main meal as they don't take too long to cook!

Tuesday - BBQ Chicken Pizza

When we went out to play Frisbee Golf, we ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut, where Tops picked a BBQ Chicken, Bacon and Sweetcorn covered Pizza  and I shared it with her. It was so amazing, that even Dan Jon swapped a bit of his junior meal for it and so we're going to attempt to recreate it at home.

Wish us luck.

Wednesday - Slow Cooker Casserole

Actually, this is something that we are having in the evening, as we have a day out planned today. I thought that the children don't know that Flyfour has arranged to have a days holiday, so he'll be able to go on the day out with us too, but apparently, someone told them. As I'm not sure if it was me or not, I'm keeping quiet!

Thursday - Cafe/Ikea

Thursday afternoon we are taking my Mum to the hospital for one of her many appointments. The children and I have also decided that we'll pick her up early and pop to either a local Cafe that we've been meaning to try or possibly Ikea because we know how much she loves her Meatballs!

A Yummy plate of Ikea Meatballs with Mash

Friday - McDonalds

Hopefully, we are also on a Family Fun Day today and whilst Flyfour can't take the day off to join us again, he can meet us afterwards and because out budget may have been eaten into a little with the recent trip to Pizza Hut, we've decided we'd visit McDonald's as a family. is it time for the seasonal Apple Pies yet?

So, that's what we are eating this coming week. What are you up to and what plans do you have for dinner?