The New Garage Door

When we moved in to our current home, we were full of the hope and optimism that anyone moving into a new house has. One of the things that we hoped to sort out straight away was the garage door, which was broken and had been fixed by someone with perhaps less DIY skills than someone who should probably have been allowed to fix the garage door.

To stop it from being able to be opened, they had put a nail in the lock at the top.

Yeah, I know.

The Old Garage

For several reasons, the main one being money, the garage door fell further and further down our to do list. We kept meaning to get round to it, but in the end we got used to it being broken and not being able to be use the up and over door and instead used the door as an extra wall for storing our "live in the garage" items against.

Christmas lights stored in the garage

It was on the big list of our planned Home Improvements though and then one day a leaflet was pushed through our letterbox, advertising electric roller garage doors. The price was actually pretty close to the cost for someone coming out to fit a standard up and over garage door and so I arranged for the company to come out and quote, after all that part was free.

Sure enough, the chap that came out confirmed the price on the leaflet and so I booked him in to come just before our wedding anniversary to fit a Navy Blue electric roller garage door as that way it would match our new front door.

And then we heard nothing. No confirmation, no reply to our answer machine messages. So we had to assume they would be coming, we just didn't know if they actually would.

And they did arrive, two men (not the one I had met before) who got to work and within an hour were showing me how to work the new Garage door and leaving me to the chaos that was the Kitchen being fitted and the Electrician doing electrical things.

And the new Garage door is rather fab.

The navy Garage door

And it has a funky little key fob remote control.

The Garage Fob Remote

And I think it looks great from the street too.

Plenty of Curb Appeal now

So another project down, only a few more to go!