The Slightly Boring Update on the Soffits, Facias and Guttering!

The first thing we ordered when we were starting the works in our home, was the guttering, the soffit and the facia and the other bits that adjoin the roof. Which is why of course, it makes perfect sense (Yes, you note a hint of sarcasm here!) that it was almost the last thing that happened in the scheme of works.

And not just because they cancelled it on the day they were supposed to turn up the first time.

Great graffiti at Bicester Village

Yeah, that was not a great day.
What had happened, was our existing boards and facia and whatever else gubbins wise that is up towards the roof was made in a time when the products were strengthened with asbestos. Yup, that good old light weight strengthening material that causes chronic, non-cancerous respiratory disease.

So, a test had to be done and then because we're a semi-detached house and our neighbours wanted to get their soffits and facias and guttering done at the same time of as us (and by the same company) we had to wait for their salesman to come out and their test to be done and then they had to schedule us on the same day.

The old view from the curb

All this took time, but to be honest we didn't really mind because, good things come to those who wait right?


When they did finally come out, they had ordered the wrong size bits and pieces for the front and so whilst they could do the back of our homes, they needed to come back the following day to actually do the works to the front.

And to replace the tiles they broke at the back.

Can you spot the really obvious replaced roof tiles?

It was at this point, that Flyfour and I just had to laugh. There was no point in being angry, there was no point in letting the stress of it all get to us because what was that going to do?


Temporary Scaffolding at the front of our house

I mean, don't get me wrong we complained to the company that we had contracted to do the works, and told them that we required compensation that they had cancelled an appointment on the day and they had made a mistake with regards to ordering the materials they needed, but other than our complaint we just shrugged the stress and naffness of it off and sort of sat back and waited for the works to be completed.

Of course, it was eventually done and now we don't need to worry about it for approximately twenty years.

Plenty of Curb Appeal

I think it gives us some well deserved kerb appeal!