Top Ender's New Room

When we worked out the order of the things we were doing in our home. Top Ender's bedroom was supposed to be the last thing that we did. We thought that because of the wood panelling that was lining the lower half of the walls in her bedroom that it would probably need re-plastering and we thought seeing as she was going away to camp for a week with Church that we'd do it then.

An empty room would be perfect right?

Top Ender's Bedroom before the make over

Then we got a quote on how much it would cost to re-plaster the whole of Top Ender's bedroom and we knew that unless we really had to, we didn't want to re-plaster her room! So armed with a screwdriver I took part of the cladding off and discovered that her wall didn't need re-plastering! Sure enough, there were a couple of holes that needed patching but her walls were quite good quality and not for the last time this past summer we thanked our lucky stars that someone was watching over us.

Whilst I was at Church, Flyfour painted a quick magnolia cover over the wall, where we had removed the panelling to neaten it up and suddenly, Top Ender's room was going to be amazing!

Then one Saturday, we were walking to town and Top Ender and Flyfour decided that now was the perfect time to talk to me about some other plans that they had for Top Ender's bedroom. Replacing her wardrobe with a desk and some Trofast storage from Ikea. And I gave in and then found myself spending my Saturday afternoon taking apart a wardrobe, scraping paint from one of her bedroom walls with just Flyfour and a radio for company and then putting furniture together whilst Flyfour painted her freshly scraped wall, magnolia.

Decorating in Top Ender's Bedroom

Just doing the two walls changed her room so much that suddenly, we were inspired to tackle Top Ender's room first in our spare time! We spent the following weekend, doing another wall and then the following Wednesday finishing off her room by scraping and painting the final wall.

And then came the bit that I was really worried about, I needed to wallpaper one wall. I may have got in a little strop about it and ended up getting a decorator in, who I think did a much better job than I ever would!

The wallpaper in Top Ender's Bedroom

And now Top Ender's bedroom is complete.

New carpet, new wall decor, new bed linen, new shelves, new curtains and I think I want to move in!

Top Ender's Bedroom

Top Ender wouldn't mind a room mate would she?!