All Meals W/C 18th February 2019

I'm actually a little upset, as I've realised today that our month of Salad is almost over! There are just eleven more days (including today) of a daily salad and I think, that the whole family are going to miss eating all these extra veggies each day... So we'll have to keep that up. I'm just not sure how at the moment. Maybe we'll be one of those families that eats a serving of Salad with our meal, or before our meal or as a side to your meal. I have no idea!

A rather large side Salad with Sandwich


It's the February half term for us, so this week it'll be very easy on me! The children tend to keep their own hours, so as long as I keep the Kitchen stocked with Cereal, Fruit Savoury Muffins and the occasional Sweet Muffin for a treat they will happily eat when they wake up and not rely on me forcing them out of bed ready for the day.

Monday to Sunday Fend for yourselves


I will be kind and make lunch each day! These will basically be veggie meals as we eat far too much meat and veggies are cheap and filling and really that is all that counts when it comes to lunch right?

Monday - Pizza Wraps
Tuesday - Noodles
Wednesday - Pasta
Thursday - Salad Wraps (with leftovers)
Friday - Treat - lunch out
Saturday - Beans on Toast
Sunday - Roast Chicken Salad

Evening Meal

Monday - Roast Chickpea Buddha Bowls
Tuesday - Prawn Chicory Salad
Wednesday - Mushroom and Carrot with Sweet Soy Dressing
Thursday - Chicken Stir Fry
Friday - Salmon Cobb Salad
Saturday - Greek Nacho Salad
Sunday - Waffles

So, that's what we are eating this week. There are some salads on here that I know some of the family aren't looking forward to, but I think it will all be okay!