We Finally Got New Towels!

Flyfour and I were a little bit cheeky this past Christmas and when my Mum asked if there was anything we would like for Christmas, or would we like cash, we took the cash option. We had decided that we needed to replace our towels, which we'd had for a good few years... I shan't embarrass myself by confessing quite how old some of them were, but lets put it this way they were older than Top Ender and looking very rough!

Our original plan was to buy some grown-up towels (basically we decided we weren't going to go with bright colours but something like Stone) and after much groping of towels in various department stores, we were becoming towel snobs, and able to tell the difference between different GSM types, the different types of cotton and even looking if the hems were double stitched!

Fluffy Towels with a high GSM and double Stitching and pure cotton!

Eventually, we found some we liked and this was where the problems started.

You see, I don't make decisions and I couldn't decide what colour I wanted and Flyfour didn't know either, because we'd already used all our decision making on the type of cotton, the GSM of towels etc. So we took the easy option and decided to go bright and mismatched, a rainbow of colour.

Our New Towels, a mismatch of colours!

Everyone picked a different colour for their bath sheets and then Flyfour and I chose some bright coloured guest towels to use as hand towels. We've decided that we cheer the power of the multicoloured towels and think everyone should embrace the fluffiness!

So, what colours do you think we each chose for our bath sheets? Who out of I, Top Ender, Dan Jon and Flyfour picked Red, Purple, Dark Grey and Brown?!