In Our House, Reading Is Important

In our house, reading is important.

Dan Jon with a giant reading book

Actually, no that isn't quite true. Reading isn't important, reading is, reading is a way of life.

Every morning before any of us even think about getting up in the morning we read. We read when we get home from School. We read when we go to bed. We read when we are waiting for our evening meal, we read whilst we eat our lunch, we read when we are standing in queues.

We read fast. We read slow. We read with passion. We read whilst crying and whilst laughing.

We read long complicated books. We read short easy books. We read books of quotes. We read books of history.

We read fiction. We read non-fiction.

We read blogs and news stories and newspapers and pamphlets.

We read textbooks for personal learning and formal education.

We read our Scriptures, for fun, for learning and for understanding the world we live in.

We read because we enjoy it and because it helps us learn.

We read because it makes us, who we are.

We read because we love it.