Making Store Brought, Home Made!

I am in no way saying that I have ever done this, just as I am also in no way saying that I won't ever do this again in the future and more importantly I am not saying that this is right or wrong and I most definitely didn't know that one of my friends got the idea from me and has been passing off some cookies as baked from scratch when they are in fact purchased from a local bakery...

So, I love to bake. I really do and I'm not bad at it, but sometimes I want to take a treat to a friend and I realise that I've not left enough time to make something and there is only one thing left to do.

Some nice Gluten Free Cup cakes, that I totally told my husband I made.


Wait, did I just admit that I do do it? Darn it.

My friends would totally be okay with me dropping a treat to them that was store purchased, but sometimes I really want them to know that I was thinking of them, that I was pouring my heart into my baking for them and I don't think that popping to my local supermarket totally gets that across. So I cheat and let them think that I made the treat I've dropped round.

So how do I do it? In one of the following five ways.

1. I add some icing.

Say you have an un-iced cake or an iced cake that is just plain and boring. Well, then you can add some icing and guess what? That Store brought cake is now homemade and you can take all the credit because isn't that your fabulous creation?

Cake with Icing and Sprinkles

Yes, yes it is!

2. I break the edges up a little and make it look more rustic.

Cakes that are manufactured on a large scale have a uniform look and sort of look perfect and well like they are made on a large scale. If you can break the edges up a little, it will help it look a little more rustic, a little less perfect and a little more like you made it.

Imperfections mean home made not made in bulk!

Which technically you did, seeing as how you made it come out of a packet and ate the edges that you broke off.

3. I drizzle or dip in chocolate and sprinkles.

Right. So, similar to the icing deal in number one, if you drizzle chocolate over something, or you dip it in chocolate or somehow jazz it up, it totally counts as homemade.

Chocolate drizzled Cake

If you drizzle, dip and add sprinkles then just know that you have made an extra special effort and you are well and truly the maker of this treat.

4. I buy from a hand made bakery and dust some icing sugar.

I don't know how to explain this any more clearly, if you take it out of the packet and then you add something to it then you are the person who has made this dessert.

Mince Pie with Icing Sugar

See that mince pie? I *made* that.

5. Be honest. Partly.

There is a really great way to ensure that you don't get caught out. Be honest. Well, partly honest. Tell the person (or people) that you are giving the treat to that you can't make Brownies or Carrot Cake or Shortbread or Cheesecake, but it was something that you thought they would like, so your friend made one for you and you just decorated it...

A Nicely Decorated Chocolate Brownie with additional Extras

They don't need to know your friend is Mr Kipling or Mrs Co-Op! Just don't forget to actually decorate it and add a few extras to make it look totally special.

So there you go, sneaky tips that we can all use and trust me, your friends and family don't care if it is proper homemade from scratch or just decorated because they got treats!