Top Ender's Hour To Do Anything!

Whilst Dan Jon was at his Babysitting Faith In God activity last week, Top Ender and I had a whole hour to ourselves, and Top Ender was quite sure what she wanted to do with that hour. Now remember, within reason she could do anything, and what did this teenager of mine decide to do?


There had been suggestions of going to the Library, or looking in a couple of shops that she likes, but no. Top Ender was determined that if we were going to hang out together that there was just one thing that we should do, and that was to go to Costa for a drink and possibly a sandwich, or a cake or a sandwich and a cake! Luckily, the home of Brother and Sister Island is about five minutes away from a Costa, and so after dropping Dan Jon off, we quickly sped off, found a parking space and was sitting drinking our drinks and Top Ender eating a pack of Mango pieces, all within ten minutes.

Top Ender with her favourite Strawberries and Cream Costa Drink
We chatted, we giggled, we played games both on our phones, and our favourite to do when out in public "Guess which of the fellow humans here today, is most likely to be a...". If you haven't played it I recommend you do, the next time you are in public. Just take a look around and ask yourself, or the person you are with "Which of the fellow humans here today, is most likely to be a [BLANK]" and then fill in the blank with whatever you like.

Teacher, Serial Killer, Cat Owner, Banker, Artist, Parent, Tea Drinker, Nudist, Slytherin, Reader, Pilot, Race Car Driver, Optimist. Basically anything you like, but you have to have a reason for it too, so "That person over there in the black jacket is most likely to be a Wizzard because they have a beard that makes them look magical!" whereas the other person might say "That person over there in the mismatched outfit is most likely to be a Wizzard because they are used to wearing robes and haven't got the hang of Muggle Fashion!".

It's people watching with a difference.

PippaD's Hot Chocolate from Costa... which didn't take long for her to finish!

After we had finished our drinks, we spent time looking over the books in a Supermarket (where Top Ender complained the entire time because the teen section wasn't up to her particular standards!) before picking Dan Jon back up.

It was a great hour, and certainly gave Tops and I, a spring in our step!