Week One Of Salads

Flyfour is used to me. He is used to me coming up with wacky ideas and because he is truly my best friend, my soulmate, my foil (and if we're being honest my straight man!), he goes along with my wacky plans and basically humours me. Occasionally he gets an idea or two of his own, which is why as well as eating Salad every day for a month, we are also not shopping in our usual supermarket and for the last two weeks we've been shopping in Aldi and saving around 10% off our usual shopping bill. It's been a bit of a lightbulb moment!

Our first week of Salads has been a pretty good week and a good way to get the whole family on the same page with regards to what they will and won't eat when they are hungry and all that is on offer is something that they really aren't that fond of... yes I do mean Flyfour and Top Ender!

The A Mother's Ramblings Family

What did we think of the food? Well, let's just talk about the good ones as I saw them, shall we?

The Burrito Bowl on the Saturday evening was amazing, even more so because Flyfour and I cooked together, something which we used to do all the time when we were dating and in the early years of our marriage. I think this was the second lightbulb moment of the week, Flyfour and I like to cook together.

Burrito Bowl Salad

The Salmon with Warm Carrot Salad, Sun Flower Seeds and Pumpkins seeds was a great mix of textures. Crunchy and flaky and soft and chewy. Just overall, a great balance of flavours and something that all the family have said they would like again and I am more than willing to cook again!

Salmon with Warm Carrot Salad, Sun Flower Seeds and Pumpkins seeds

The Coronation Chicken Salad was one of the best and is probably something I would love to have again, but one member of the family complained the entire time they ate it, and a second member of the family didn't even bother to try it, just eating the chicken and ignoring the Salad.

Coronation Chicken Salad

To be honest, I'm now not looking forward to Week Two and if I hadn't already had been shopping yesterday evening and purchased a fridge full of salad ingredients I would probably call a halt to the whole thing, because of last night. However, I do have a fridge full of ingredients and I figure that if my family get hungry enough they will eat what is in front of them, so I am sort of ready to see what other epiphanies or lightbulb moments I'll have this coming week.