All Meals W/C 25th February 2019

I hate to say that I 'm looking forward to the end of the month of Salads, but I really am. Don't get me wrong, I have LOVED the salads, almost all of them have been great and I certainly have several favourites that will be put into our regular meal rotation (and feature a lot over the Summer!) and it has helped the family to see what they do and don't like.

Dan Jon and Top Ender all lit up

Apparently, they don't like Salad.

Only joking! They do, but Tops likes to have it Crunchy and Dan Jon is happy with anything and Flyfour is a mix of both the children!


Monday through Friday it is just Top Ender, Dan Jon and I having Breakfast as Flyfour leaves to go to work before the children are up. I try to cook the children breakfast every morning as it means I know that they have had a good breakfast and I show my love through food!

Monday - Egg in the Hole Bagels
Tuesday - Breakfast Tacos
Wednesday - Yogurt and Fruit Parfait
Thursday - Cereal and Toast
Friday - Full Breakfast
Saturday and Sunday - Fend for yourself!


Top Ender is back to School on Monday, but Dan Jon has an inset day and is back to School Tuesday... apart from he has a hospital appointment slap bang in the middle of the day! This will probably involve him eating his lunch in the car on the way back to School!

Monday - Dan Jon Lunch out, Top Ender Smoked Salmon Bagel
Tuesday - Chicken and Salad Sandwich
Wednesday - School Lunch
Thursday - School Lunch
Friday - School Lunch
Saturday - Home Made Pizza
Sunday - Toasties

Evening Meal

We finish our month of salads this week and one thing that we have decided is that we won't be eating Salad for the next week or so! We will, however, be putting several into our meal rotation and there are several that I'm keeping the ingredients on hand for so that I can have them for my lunch!

Monday - Mixed Bean and Rice Salad
Tuesday - Mixed Seafood Salad
Wednesday - Halloumi Salad
Thursday - Tuna Rice Salad
Friday - Chicken Casserole
Saturday - Philly Cheesesteaks
Sunday - Rainbow Salmon and Vegetables (Honey Mustard sauce on the Salmon!)

So, that's what we're looking forward to this week. I'm out on the Sunday at a Training Course, so will really be looking forward to that Rainbow Salmon!