A blog post without a point, but actually has one. Possibly two.

We try to do fun things as a family. Mainly its because Daddy and I are big kids at heart, but also because we want to make sure that the memories that Top Ender and Baby Boy have of growing up are happy ones. That was one of the reasons that I started this blog, I wanted to remember and to be able to show Top Ender and Baby Boy in the future that they had great fun as children as I know that they are going to forget a lot of what we have done.

Daddy and I had fantastic childhoods. Sure enough there were times when we thought our lives were the suckiest (Yes that is the technical term) but overall when either of us thinks back we remember happy warm thoughts. The kind of thoughts that we want our children to have about their childhood.

So we go for walks and get frozen in place by magic trolls who live in the woods, we play on the swings and try to make our feet touch the sky, we have Christmas dinner with crackers and napkins and Christmas music in October, just because we can. We go for days out to theme parks and we visit with family, we make paper aeroplanes that we throw down our living room and we play stupid games together at the Dinner table.

We do all the things that families do and at times a lot more besides because like other families all we are trying to do is the best for our children, the best for our family unit. It doesn't matter if you spend thousands of pound or a few pence what is more important is the quality of time (yup not the quantity) that you spend together.

I met a man on the train this week, he was divorced and his children now live with their mother in Ireland. He sees them maybe three times a year, but thinks about them all the time. His ring tone was his daughter singing, the screen saver on his phone were pictures of his children and as we talked it was obvious that despite his jack the lad exterior he loved his children with all his life.

He told me that as a favour to him, when I got home that night I should kiss my children and tell them how much they mean to me and that I should hug my husband a little closer than normal. I did do it for him, and as a favour to me, would you all mind doing the same thing with your loved ones? Make sure they know how much they mean to you and go and enjoy time with them.