Daddy Giggles - It's not his fault

Earlier this evening Top Ender, Daddy and Baby Boy were playing a game where they were spelling words cheerleader style. Daddy was going out and so he decided to carry on the game as a "treat".

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"Give me a B!" he said excitedly
"B!" answered Top Ender and Baby Boy (not quite as excitedly but a lot more loudly)
"Give me an E!" he said triumphantly
"E!" answered Top Ender and Baby Boy
"What have you got?!" asked Daddy
"BE!" answered Top Ender
"...Wait a minute I've forgotten one! Give a D! And what have you got?!" asked an embarrassed Daddy
"BED!" answered Top Ender
"Good. Go to it!" said Daddy

Poor poor Daddy. It's not his fault you know, he lives with me.