Song to get up and Dance meme

Emily tagged me earlier this month in a Meme about which song makes me want to get up and dance. At the time I had a great song in mind and wouldn't you know I had a great story to go with it. I was all ready to post it and then I forgot what the song was. And the story. You could blame my age or Daddy (I would prefer it if we blamed him) or just nod knowingly as you realise that I have a memory the size of my bladder. Be right back I just need to pee...

Right so now that I can't remember what it was that I was going to say was the song that I have to get up and Dance to, or the story that goes with it I will just have to do something else. Like maybe a song that I have always danced to. A song that is almost as old as I am and  as it is a sort of Christmas song I thought it would be a great choice, because there is no pretending it is nearly Christmas!

So the song is Jona Lewie "Stop The Cavalry", which wasn't even meant to be a Christmas release. It was to be released in the Summer but thanks to the long standing tradition of tenuous links that Record Labels like to make (like one line mentioning Christmas, or the song fitting nicely to an accompaniment of sleigh bells) it was released at Christmas 1980 and my Grandparents being the hip grandparents that they were brought it. They then filmed on the cine camera the following clips.

So there is a rather cute me with my Grandparents and my Great Grandmother (she was my Nan's mother and my Grandfathers Aunt. Don't ask, my family tree is only understandable if you have a degree in something really hard to understand, like erm my Family Tree) dancing to the song at Christmas. You can tell where I got my amazing Disco Lift Dancing Skills from now can't you?

It's now the law that at Christmas I have to sing "Stop The Cavalry" and bounce around like a loon. Now I know that you all want to share your Get up and Dance song with me but I have tagged the following and if you want to be added let me know! Oh and usual rules link to me to say I tagged you, spill the beans and link a few others!

Mostly Yummy Mummy
Mum In The Madhouse
Beckicklesie (I still don't say it right!)
Slummy Single Mummy
Modern Mummy
Live Otherwise

And here is the song in all its YouTube glory for you to have a listen to and don't forget to join in!